2025 Rebelle Rally Team

Team info coming soon.

The Rebelle Rally teams will embark on a grueling adventure, covering a challenging 2,500 kilometers of off-road terrain. Armed with only a map and compass, they rely on their navigational skills and intuition to conquer the rugged deserts of California and Nevada. What sets this rally apart is the absence of any electronic devices, forcing the competitors to rely solely on their own abilities and the traditional tools of navigation. For an intense period of 8 days, they navigate through the untamed landscapes looking for hidden checkpoints, battling extreme weather conditions and pushing themselves to make the time limits. The Rebelle Rally is a true test of endurance, skill, and determination, where teamwork and strategic decision-making are crucial. As they conquer each grueling day, the participants forge unforgettable memories and gain a deep appreciation for the power of human strength and resilience in the face of nature's challenges.